New Cars Technology In 2014

Automobile companies are expecting that 2014 will bring back golden years of automobile industry. Many prestigious companies are releasing several models with new technology improvements. This is a brief overview of technologies that are promised by several automobile companies.

cars technology features in 2014

Bosch will launch its autonomous driving system next year which will will accelerate, brake and steer vehicles autonomously.

Warnings Galore – With the help of improved technology like infrared cameras, you cars will warn you about the possible collisions, and they will automatically apply brakes in case of emergencies after statutory warning. Though these options are in the research stage, we are expecting that they will become reality by the end of 2014.

Pedestrian Detection and Night Vision – Most of the accidents occur due to inability in detecting pedestrian paths and due to less vision in night. Most of the automobile manufactures kept this in mind and developing technology packages to overcome them. Companies like Volvo are planning to implement software methods which include pedestrian detection, lane-departure warning and collision warning with full automatic braking etc. by the end of 2014.

Easy Curving – Sensors which measure the safe curving distance at the speed you are travelling are also in the testing stage. They will remind you the safest curve distance every time you are taking curve. By using this method you don’t have to hit brakes constantly while taking curves.

Vehicle to vehicle communication – Using GPS and Wi-Fi technology, you car can locate your friends, relatives, wife’s car which is near to your car. This technology is still in the testing stage and companies like Ford are trying their level best to implement this technology in their coming models.

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Better ways to Connect – The multi information displays that are present in the present cars can be modified in such a way they will directly integrate with your mobile to give complete hand-free system (system working on voice commands). They are likely to be seen in the next generation automobiles.

Electrification – Responding positive to the Obama call i.e. 62 miles per gallon by 2025; automobile industry is trying heavily to achieve this. To make this into reality, several automobile companies are introducing electronic option adding it to the conventional petrol and diesel cars.

Lighter Cars – Every automobile manufacturer is concentrating more on reducing the weight of their models. Manufactures are looking for alternatives of aluminum, which has to be lighter and more durable when compared to aluminum.

Along with these techniques, the automobile manufacturers are also keeping an eye on the safety of the persons travelling in cars. Not limiting the safety to airbags, companies are trying for more effective and better methods to prevent accidents. The safety features in the upcoming models include Forward Collision Warning i.e. warns the driver in any person comes suddenly in front of car, Lane Departure Warning as the name suggests the car gives warning when you are travelling from one lane to other lane, auto parking assist i.e. the car automatically gets parked when you want to park the car etc are some of the features you will see in the cars released in 2014.


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  1. Wow! these upcoming cars technologies are amazing. I’m sure they’ll make our journey much better in coming days. And some of them are already available in some places. I am really looking forward to auto driving cars, it would be amazing feeling to just sit and let your vehicle drive you to your destination and it will be way more safer than driving it yourself. I love technology.

  2. How long do the current all electric car batteries last before you have to charge

  3. I see I’ve molded the auto industry but I can’t seem to get the funding I requested back in 2002. I guess the world will have to see how well Tesla does with my plan. They were smart for hiring Mazda head designer, good way to make my tech blend in with the rest of the world. Everyones out to make a buck. No one really cares about the advance’s in technology. It’s all about control and money. SMDH

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