Top Electric Cars To Be Launched In 2014

With the increase of concerns towards environmental issues, people are looking more towards environmental friendly cars. Though electric cars are available for customers from long ago, the trend of using electric cars is getting popular in recent years only. Several automobile companies are focusing heavily on the development of more environment friendly cars like hybrid cars, electric cars etc. Though there are several electric cars are lined up for release in 2014, only few of them(from reputed brands) are creating enthusiasm in customers. Here is a list of electric cars that will release in 2014 which are creating high expectations in the automobile users.

Fiat 500e 2014

fiat 500e electric car 2014

Fiat is planning to release its small car Fiat 500e in the electric car segment. It actually planned to release 500e worldwide in 2013 but due to some technical reasons the company could not make it. 500e was awarded as the “Best Electric Car of 2013” by Road and Track. It can travel more than 85miles with single charge and 111-horsepower electric engine meets the acceleration demands of the city conditions. It is 100% environmental friendly car which is equipped with features like regenerative braking system and the quick charging technique etc. which made it as the top contender for the best electric car of 2014.

BMW i3 and i8

bmw i3 electric car 2014

BMW is planning to launch its most awaited electric car i3, which is equipped with 125KW motor and boasting of a mileage of 150km on single charge. This comes under the sub brand of BMW i.e. BMW–i. BMW even planning to launch i8 sporty vehicle, which uses both combustion and electric engine and has the capacity to reach a speed of 150kmph. Both these cars weigh less than 1200kgs and 4 persons can easily travel without any discomfort. The company used carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) and aluminum chassis and the engine is powered by Lithium ion batteries.

Chevrolet Spark EV

Chevrolet Spark EV electric cars 2014

Chevrolet Spark EV is another electric car which has high expectations in customers. The DC fast charging technique enables its battery to charge more quickly and efficiently. This car gives approximately 90miles mileage on single charge. It can be charged through 240V outlet and 120V outlet. It perfectly suits city conditions and it can become a perfect choice for people who want to have environmental friendly, daily use low maintenance car.

The other electric cars that are coming in the upcoming year include but not limited to Kia Soul UV, Honda Fit EV, Mitsubishi i-MiEV etc. Companies are concentrating heavily on low combustion, environmental friendly, less greenhouse emission engines and focusing their designs towards hybrid and electric engines. So, along with electric cars, the trend of hybrid cars is also increasing tremendously. As most of the companies are offering these cars on the contract basis, they are really affordable. Their use not only reduces the pollution and greenhouse gases emission but also ensures economic benefits to its users as their maintenance cost is very less compared to other cars. Several Governments are also promoting electric cars by giving tax incentives which is a welcoming phenomenon and we may see electric cars giving tough competition to normal cars in the near future.

Which is your favorite electric car? Share with us in the comments.


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